Ordering Information
We offer two cupcake sizes – regular and mini.  We also offer cake pops/balls. Minimum purchase of each flavor is 1 dozen regular cupcakes or 2 dozen mini cupcakes. Two weeks in advance is ideal.  To ensure our availability, please contact us as soon as you know the date of your event and we can secure that date on our calendar.
Email us at with the following information:

1. Flavor (one dozen regular cupcake minimum per flavor or 2 dozen mini cupcakes per flavor)
2. Frosting flavor
3. How many?
4. Theme and Design*
5. Date needed
6. Delivery/Pick up options (please see the following Delivery Information)

*Speical designs can range from $40.00 - $60.00 per dozen of classic flavor regular cupcakes.

(does not include delivery and/or set up fees)
1 Dozen (classic flavor and minimal 2-D design/sprinkles)………$36.00***
2 Dozen Mini Cupcakes (classic flavor and minimal 2-D design/sprinkles)…$36.00
Classic Cake Pops, Cupcake Pops and Cake Balls...$2.50/pop
Un-decorative cookies...$2.50/cookie

***Special and uncommon flavors are $5 extra.

Minimum purchase of each flavor is 1 dozen (or 2 dozen mini cupcakes). Max of 4 flavors per order per 4 dozen (or 8 dozen mini cupcakes).

Delivery Information
Local delivery is available throughout Orange County and parts of Los Angeles County and Inland Empire.**

**Delivery fee may apply.

Place of pickup:  City of Orange, CA

Set-up Fees and Information
Please contact us for details.

Tasting Session
$20.00 tasting fee will be applied for one counseling and tasting session.

Please contact us for question or special request by email at or call us at (626)319-8399