Friday, July 29, 2011

Cupcake Voyage Art Exhibition (July 2010, Hong Kong)

There was a Cupcake Voyage Art Exhibition in Hong Kong around this time last year.  Of course, Mrs. G was so bumped that she missed it.  Hong Kong is the neighbor city of her very own home town, Macau.  O well, but summer time in Hong Kong and Macau is very humid and hot.  I don't see there is any reason for me to go back during the summer time (sorry, cupcakes, you are not the reason to drag me back home!)

I was looking at the cupcake exhinition pictures on flickr.  Here are some of my favorite ones and would like to share with you all:

A cupcake garden

 Pinic themed cupcakes

 Pop culture themed cupcakes

Girly themed cupcake

dim sum themed cupcakes


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