Friday, July 22, 2011

Extraordinary Desserts!

Extraordinary Desserts, what a BIG name!  Whoever titled their store with this "extraordinary" name; the store is better to be EXTRAORDINARY!  O well, they are indeed...

Extraordinary Desserts in San Diego, California, offers big selections of gourmet desserts.  Not only their desserts are extraordinary, their tea selection is amazing.  They offer a huge options of loose tea leaves.  Tea and desserts, what a great life! Ane a little background of their chef and founder from their website:

Karen Krasne , A San Diego native, Ms Krasne graduated from the
University of Hawaii with a Bachelor of Science degree in
Food and Human Nutrition, and has spent over 15 year training
in Paris' most distinguished school.  Until now, Ms Krasne returns to France
regularly to train with the masters at Le Notre and Bellouet Conseil,
but her trips to exotic places are what truly inspire the creativity in her desserts.

They have two locations in San Diego, one in Little Italy and the original one in Balboa Park.  We dropped by their store in Little Italy.  Every pieces of their desserts are a wonderful piece of art in their very own dessert "museum".  I appreciate that they use a lot of fresh flowers or edible gold flakes to decorate their desserts.  Also, they fill the dessert plates with some yummy sweet kiwi sauce, chocolate sauce or passion fruit sauce...don't think that it's only for decoration, if you combine everything in one bite, you will know everything is comprising each other.  I had their Napoleon, and Mr. G's cousin and his girlfriend ordered a coconut ice cream and a chocolate brownie.  Their desserts are not cheap, but they are a good size to share. 

Anyways, here are some pictures to share, bon appetit:


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