Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just say YES...

Imaging after a long day of work, you walked in to your house, and immediately saw your boyfriend there waiting for you.  He was telling you he cooked your favorite dinner for you and even bought some cupcakes for dessert.  You enjoyed your favorite meal with your beloved one and were ready for something sweet.  And you saw this "Will you..." on the top of the cupcakes, and you looked down and saw your boyfriend was down on one knee and said "marry me?"  You smiled and you were thinking how could someone possibly resist to say YES!  Then, you had tears in your eyes and smiled and responded "YES!"

I love to proposal stories.  My very own proposal story was not super unique, but it's definitely sweet and speical to me.  However, I was impressed by some guys' creativity and thoughtfulness.  I am dying to do a wedding proposal cupcake project for people.  Diamond and cupcake are girl's best friend!  Your girl will surely impressed by your sweet idea.  Most importantly, it's a win-win situation to both of you.  Both of you (or even her friends or family) got to enjoy the cupcakes.  Why not!? 

I hope that one day I could create this very special day for you and your partner!  And you could sit back and practice your little speech!

(Picture source:  Cake topper on the picture is from Danity Woods.)


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