Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cream Pan in Old Town Tustin, California

A year ago, I went to get my car fixed and randomly discovered this place in Old Town Tustin by accident.  Cream Pan, a Japanese bakery located in Old Town Tustin, California; if you are familiar with the area, this place is not too far away from the Japanese restaurant, Honda Ya (btw, they serve amazing Japanese food there). 

Thanks to technology!  I immediately went on my iPhone and see what those yelpers recommend to get at Cream Pan.  Everyone said their strawberry croissant is amazing!  And "yelp" (yup), they don't lie!  The custard fillings are so smooth, strawberry is so fresh and the croissant itself is crisply flaky on the outside, with clearly defined layers.  I surprised Mr. G by bringing him some strawberry croissants home, his picky mouth even praised how great they were and asked me to bring him some more the next time if I happen to be there again.

(*Note:  They also offer a big platter of their famous strawberry croissant [the size is a little smaller than the regular one]; that will be a good desert alternative to bring to a party if you want something different.)

Beside their strawberry croissant, I have also tried their banana chocolate croissant, a curry pan (this is kinda of like a round donut with curry potato filling) and a pork cutlet sandwich; they are all amazing.

They also have some other interesting Japanese influenced sandwiches and pastries.  So if you are in town, check them out! 

Cream Pan
602 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA 92780-4310
(714) 665-8239
Open Tue-Sun 7am-4pm


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