Monday, August 8, 2011

Interacting with our clients!

Our clients are awesome!  Most of them gave us a lot of freedom to create what were in our mind to fit their theme.  They usually gave us few items or colors they like or want to be on the cupcakes.  Then, they trusted us and let us create what we visualized in our mind.

I love interacting with my clients! And the greatest thing about interacting with my clients are I always ended up doing something I would have never thought of making.  Like the cupcakes I made this weekend for a baby shower.  My client gave me these few key words - Green, 70's, mushrooms, vanilla and strawberry flavors.  I made some cute 3D mushrooms to go with the mushroom theme.  And since this is a 70s theme, I tied dye my frosting and also made some fondant rainbows and flowers to go with the theme.  I also bought some cotton candy to put under the rainbow to make it extra groovy.

They came out great!  What do you think?


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