Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kee Wah Chinese Bakery, Rowland Heights, CA

I stopped by Kee Wah Bakery to get some mooncakes for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival last month.  Of course, I didn't take home with only one item, beside a case of mooncakes, I also got some Chinese pastries.  By saying Chinese pastries, they are not quite "Chinese".  However, I am sure you won't see them from any American bakeries.  A lot of the pastries sold here are crossover with Asian and Western styles (aka fusion).

Except for these fusion pastries, they also offer traditional Chinese pastries.  I tried to take couple pictures inside the shop; I immediately got caught by the staff and asked me not to take pictures ;(

Here are some background information about this bakery from Wikipedia:

Kee Wah Bakery is a chain of bakery stores in Hong KongTaiwan, and in the Los Angeles area and the San Francisco area of the United States (California). Kee Wah was originally founded in Hong Kong in 1938 by Mr. Wong Yip Wing (1911–1999). The company is well known in Hong Kong and overseas for its signature products ― Chinese Bridal Cakes and mooncakes ― though a wide range of Chinese and Western delicacies is equally popular.  
They have few different locations through out California.  If you would like to stop by to get some yummy Chinese pastries, or fusion pastries, click here for their locations.

A case of lotus paste mooncakes ($28.00usd)


Assorted baked treats - coconut cream bun on the right bottom
Char siu buns in the middle
Curry empanada on the top
Pineapple bun at the top right corner

A box of assorted baked goodies

I also picked up few Portuguese egg tarts for my in-laws to try.
 Of course, these tarts can't compare to the ones I had in Macau.

Inside the char siu bun


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