Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lady Gaga Inspired Cupcakes

Lady Gaga, a very edgy performer.  When she first came out, I was not a big fan of her.  I was thinking she might be just another strange performer with all kinds of crazy outfit to get every one's attention.  However, after listening few of her songs and saw her live performance on TV, I was impressed by her natural talent.  I love and admire someone, who can sing and perform.  You know singing and performing are different!  Some people could sing, but their performance could always put you to sleep.  Some people are entertaining, but they are not really good at singing or dancing.  Lady Gaga can somehow balance both elements on the stage; that is the reason why she is a super star!

I am in love with her new song "You and I"; it's such a beautiful and touching song.  I was listing to her live on the radio when I was driving home last night, and I really wanted to make some Lady Gaga inspired cupcakes today.  I had fun doing the cupcakes, the only challenge I had was which outfits I should pick since she has ways too many special outfits.  I chose the following ones to do because they are her "signature" looks.  When you see the following outfits, you would immediately think about her.


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