Friday, September 23, 2011

Vintage Tattoo Inspired Cupcakes

I was so very happy and flattered when I received an email from Tattoo Artist, Nakota Hedrick from Outer Limits Tattoo in City of Orange, CA.  She wanted to place an order for one of her fellow tattoo artists for farewelling him.  I could never ever dream of I could do some "sort of" artworks for any tattoo artist, not to mention that I was doing some decorative cupcakes for bunch of amazing tattoo artists at Outer Limits Tattoo.  I just recently got some inks from Nakota; she is very talented and skillful tattoo artist (I will talk more about her and my tattoo in my future post.  I am still waiting for my skin to heal, so stay tuned.)

She was very open about any design for the cupcakes.  The only thing she mentioned was heart and she also told me this tattoo artist was leaving the shop, so she wants to surprise him with some yummy treats for the very last time.  I was thinking Sailor Jerry Tattoo will make a great cupcake topper and also the colors and designs are catchy, bright and colorful.  Most importantly, they are classic!

Here are the final products:


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