Monday, October 17, 2011

Pies...and more from McDonald's (around the world)

I am sure you had McDonald's warm baked apple pie before, right?  The pie is a nice design like their many other products.  The pie is very "portable" and convenient, especially you are driving when you are trying to grab a bite (Just be aware of the hotness from the filling). 

McDonald's is one of the biggest fast food chains in the world (Subway Sandwich is #1).  McDonald's creates some special items to please the locals in other countries, even in different states in the US.  I remember we had curry potato pie and taro pie at our McDonald's in Macau.  And here are some interesting pies I found online through multiple websites.  So next time when you travel outside the states, don't forget to stop by their McDonald's.  You will be surprised about what you find there.

* Original pictures are found on the Google's imagine.

Chocolate and orange pie - Europe
Taro and pineapple pies from Taiwan McDonald's
Haupia pie - Hawaii
Blue berry pie - special edition in certain states in the US
Green tea Mcflurry - Hong Kong
Different flavors Sundaes from Hong Kong McDonald's
Green tea and redbeans Sundae from Hong Kong McDonald's
Egg and ham pie - China

Banana deep fried pie - special edition in certain states in the US

Sweet corn pie - Thailand McDonald's


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