Thursday, October 13, 2011

VG Donut and Bakery (Cardiff [San Diego County], CA)

Picture from Yelp

Picture from Yelp
As many of you know (or don't know), besides my growing cupcakes design and catering business, I am still working as a full timer at an environmental consultanting firm during the day.  One of our nicest and sweestest co-workers always bought us donuts and pastries from her dad's bakery in San Diego, California.  As soon as I saw the donuts I got distracted by them, and I had totally forgot to ask her about where her dad shop at and what the name of her dad shop is.  Finally, this week I asked! 

Blue berry butter milk donut

Inside the donut

VG Donuts and Bakery it is, located in the beautiful City of Cardiff in the County of San Diego, California, just by the beach (and she added you won't miss it because it's by the beach).  YES, I am sure I won't miss it, but not just because it is by the beach, it is because the long line outside the bakery as well!  I went on Yelp, City Search and their website and clearly her dad's bakery is the Top 2 donuts place in San Diego.  And according to the yelpers, people waited in line for hours for their donuts and pastries, so HOW YOU COULD MISS THIS PLACE when you see the lines outside of the shop and hey, four and a half stars on Yelp, it clearly said something speical about this place!  I asked her about a little background of her dad's shop.  She told me her great grandpa bought the bakery back to 1969, and since then her grandpa, her dad, her uncle and some of her cousins are working at the bakery (she worked there when she was in highschool too). 

Sometimes it's so easy we forget about how lucky we truly are.  We got so spoiled by this co-worker because we got free donuts and pastries delivered all the way from San Diego to our Irvine office almost every month.  And sometimes, she even took special orders (especially during holiday seasons), and delivered to us at the office.  Unfortunately, she just recently got transferred to our Carlsbad office since she wants to move closer to her family (o well, she will still be here in our Irvine office 2 days a week though...good news!).  I guess less donuts and pastries for us in the Irvine office.  But I am sure one of these days, I will stop by her shop and buy some yummy donuts to cure my cravings for their donuts.

*PS:  Their cake is also awesome too!


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