Thursday, December 8, 2011

O Christmas Tree

It seems that I have not updated anything on my blog for a little while.  I have been very busy for the last few days (or weeks); I will share more with all of you about what I was busy for in the next few posts. 

I made these cute Charlie Brown Christmas toppers and some matching gift tags last week.  They are now for sale on my Etsy shop.  One night I was driving home, and I didn't know why I kept thinking about the Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.  Yup, I know, it is the most unusual Christmas tree (click here to see what's the story behind this famous Charlie Brown's Christmas tree) you ever seen.  The tree looks so alone with one ornament hanging there (glad that Linus put his lovely light blue blanket around the tree to make the tree not so lonely)... 

Christmas tree remind me of my childhood with my family - my family and I always enjoyed of decorating our skinny plastic-y Christmas tree each year.  Even I have not gone home for Christmas for a while and my parents stopped putting up the Christmas tree ever since my sister and I moved to the States (good that my parents are here in the States for Christmas for the very first time), the memory of decorating the tree is still fresh and valuable to me.

I wish you all have a safe, warm and wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.  No matter you are decorating your house with your kids, baking ginger bread man cookies with your mom or watching the classic movie, the Christmas Story with your brothers and sisters.  Remember, these memories will stay with you for a long time...or forever! 

PS:  If you are interested in buying a Charlie Brown's Christmas tree or want to be different this year, here is a list of online stores I found online.  I also saw the tree at Urban Outfitters Store too. 



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