Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Ultimate Chocolate Addict!

A lot of girls can't live without chocolate; a study does show that chocolate can refresh the will power of human beings and make us feel happy and joyful.  This girl from Korean not just can't live without chocolate, but she admits that she is a TOTAL chocolate addict (maybe she should consider going to a chocolate rehab, LOL!).  Kim Do-Yeon, a 21 year old fashion model from Korea, has consumed 1.2 tons chocolate in the last six months.  Here are just few things to prove how crazy she is for chocolate.

Kim Do-yeon eats chocolate every day, even mixes it with steamed rice or noodles yet her figure doesn’t take on a shape of a super fatty. According to her confession, Kim Do-yeon melts chocolate in a pot and mixes it with everything she eats every day.  She even mixes chocolate with fish!  

Only two questions in my mind after reading it - 
How could she stay this slim after all these chocolates?  And did she ever mix chocolate with kim chi?


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