Friday, January 13, 2012

Be a Donor, Become a Miracle.

I have this sweetest and prettiest friend I met through my older sister in college.  After we left Pasadena City College, we hardly saw each other due to our busy schedules and other reasons.  However, we still managed to see each other once in a long while.  Even though I didn't get to see this friend a lot; I still see her as one of handful good friends of mine in the States.  I just found out this friend has been going through chemotherapy in treating her cancer from our mutual friend.  She is a very tough and positive girl and she is SO READY to fight a good fight for herself and her family.  I heard that the chemotherapies are doing well; however, the only way to cure her illness will be finding a 10/10 AHA matching bond marrow.    My friend is also having a bone marrow registration drive for her at Agape Bible Missions Church (ABMC), located at 535 West Roses Road, San Gabriel, CA 91775 at 1pm this Sunday.  If you are living in Los Angeles area or we be around, please stop by and register to be a donor. If you are not going to be around in Los Angeles area, but want to help, please kindly register on American RedCross's website.

Here are some frequently asked questions about registering to be a bone marrow donor:

1) How could they determine I am THE ONE?
According to the President of "Be a Hero, Become a Donor", they will use your race, blood type, and Human Bone Marrow Plasma (AHA) to determine you are the match for the patient. 

2) After register to become a donor, what do I need to do?
NOTHING...until they call you when they determine you are the potential donor for the patient.

3) How do I know I am eligible?
Almost everyone is eligible; however, if you have sickness or you have doubt, please refer to the medical guidlines and find out more.  

4) Could I go to work the next day after I donate the bone marrow?
After donating, it requires very minimal time to recover to back to normal.  
5) Who will be responsible for the medical fees?
The insurance company of the patient will cover 100% of the medical fee, transportation fee and even hotel fee (if needed).

6)  Why don't they try their brothers/sisters or even cousin?!
According to recent studies, even brothers/sisters from the same parents, only have 25-30% chance of having 10/10 AHA matching bone marrow.  Therefore, relying on other donors are very very very critical!!!

For more Q&A, please click here.


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