Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cereal Milk Recipe by Momofuku Milk Bar

I remember when I first started my real full time job, the only thing could make me get up early was a bowl of cereals.  I am not kidding, I even craved it when I was sleeping at night and so looking forward to get up in the morning to have that bowl of cereals (sounds totally unbelivlable, but 100% true!).  What made me so addicted to the bowl of cereals were the crushiness from the cereals and the silky smoothness from the milk, but what I love the most was that cereal milk left in the bowl. 

Admit it, you love that cereal milk too!  Momofuku Milk Bar in New York knew how much people love that cereal milk, so they "created" it and sell it at their store (very smart idea!).  Owner and Pastry Chef, Christina Tosi was nice enough to write a book and share some of the Momofuku's favorite recipes with everyone.  The first recipe in the book OF COURSE was their famous Cereal Milk.  If you want to try your hands to make their famous Cereal Milk, Serious Eats shared this recipe on their website and more important, they even converted the English measurement (the book uses English measurements) to American commonly use measurement.  Sweet=)

This cereal milk is very versatile.  You could use it to bake cookies, cupcakes and cakes and even ICE CREAM!  Tea and Letter is sharing the step by step process of making your potentially new favorite ice cream on their website, click here.


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