Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY Edible Bouquets for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is approaching; are you still thinking of something to make to show your appreciation to your lovely mother?  We don't need to break our bank account to show our appreciation.  Sometimes, little something made by us could make mom even happier=) just like a 5-year-old draw a portrait of his mother.

Food Network has given us some great hand made gift ideas.  I read through all the instructions; they all are not hard to make.  Although couple of the ideas do require longer time and a pair of crafty hands, most of them are entry to med levels.
Cupcake Topiary

Instruction of Cupcake Topiary (Med Level)

Deliver a batch of sweets to Mom in one shot: Fill a small terra-cotta pot with a piece of floral foam,
and anchor a 12-inch dowel rod or thick stick in the foam.
Paint a six-inch foam ball with pink acrylic paint, let it dry for at least an hour,
then push the ball onto the top of the rod.
Use 24 mini-cupcake paper liners and straight pins to plot your design,
then place real frosted cupcakes in each spot, removing the placeholders as you go.
To attach a cupcake, poke three toothpicks halfway into the bottom, then push the cupcake into the ball.

Marshmallow Branches

Instruction of Marshmallow Branches (Entry Level)

Mom will love this fun take on pussy willows: Collect and clean tree branches from outside, or buy fake ones from a crafts store, and attach mini-marshmallows to the branches with dots of white icing. Use halved mini-marshmallows as you work your way up the branch.

Gum-Ball Bouquet

Instruction of Gum-Ball Bouquet (Advanced Level)

These sweet fake ranunculus require a crafty hand -- and a lot of fruit leather -- but the result is worth it: To make 10 flowers you'll need 10 gum balls, 13 squares of fruit leather and 10 plastic flower stems (use stems from old silk flowers, or buy cheap ones and pull off the tops). Read our article to learn how to make the flowers, and bundle the bouquet in tissue paper.
Read Step-by-Step of how to make the flowers here.

Sugarcoated Tulips

Instruction of Sugarcoated Tulips (Entry Level)

Anyone can pull off this easy centerpiece. Just slide tulip-shaped marshmallow treats (available seasonally in drugstores) onto green hard-candy sticks and place them in a vase.
Make this arrangement the day you give it to Mom: The tulips will dry out a little overnight.

Lollipop Bouquet

Instruction of Lollipop Bouquet (Entry Level)

Present Mom with a box of long-stemmed lollipops in place of roses. Arrange small and oversize lollipops in a long, narrow box lined with tissue paper, then tie the box shut with a wide ribbon.


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