Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Sweet Home

The Orange County Fair is coming very soon (Mid July), we are so excited to go there to enjoy some fair food and see some farm animals again this year.  Besides the food and animals, I love to see the exhibits of table setting and food too.  This year, I decided joining one of the many contests they offer - the fondant decoration cupcakes contest.  I registered about a month ago and started putting ideas together immediately.  Since their theme this year is Home Sweet Home, I "kind of" go along with the theme.  Being a home owner is one of the biggest American dream people are having for many years - New Home Sweet Home is my theme for my creation! 

I made the toppers first and then spent about half day to finish some faux cupcakes.  For decorating cake/cupcakes contests, it's required to submit faux cupcakes/cake rather than real ones because the exhitbits will be showing at the fair for about a month, I guess that make sense to keep the cupcakes/cake look as good as on the first day.  I will share with you of how to make my faux cupcakes next time (stay tuned!).

In the process of making my creation, it reminded me of all the painful and sweet moments of getting our first house.  I still consider getting our first hourse is the most stressful moment I have in my life so far.  We need to put tons of documents together to get loans and submit to the bank.  We used tons of boxes to pack our belongings.  We sweated from head to toes to get our house painted.  We spent days and nights to read all the documents we received from our realtor and made our decision carefully. But after all that, everything was done and settled, and we finally got to enjoy our new home and new lives together. 

So here are my new creation, and I will let you guys know how it goes.  Hopefully, you will see my creation at the fair and don't forget to snap a pictures of my creation and share with me and everyone=)

New Home Sweet Home

Sold Sign

I tried to get as detail as I could.  I even put some "dirt" (cookies) on back.

Singed DEED and Got the key

Fixing up the house


Changing address

Finally got to enjoy our new nest!


Rachel said...

These rock!! Very well done...I would NEVER have guessed they were fake cupcakes! Good luck sis!!

C for Cupcake Cupcakery said...

Thank you Rachel! I am excited to turn them in in 2 weeks.

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