Friday, September 7, 2012

The Ranch Restaurant Dessert Review

Last week, Mr. G, I and few of my foodie friends went to the Ranch restaurant and Saloon to celebrate our long weekend.  The reason why I knew about this place because one of our friends works for the adjacent engineering company, which owns by the same owner of this resturant and saloon.  It's great to go with my friend because he got us 20% off on our bill since this is a high end resturant.  The 20% really helped to save some from our wallets.

The food and service were both beyond amazing!  I hate to go to a restaurant, where servers don't know anything about their menu and their wine list.  The servers here totally blows our minds away.  They were VERY attentive, TOTALLY knowlegable about their food, wines and desserts and quite funny.  We learnt so much about wine paring and food from our server that night; that's a plus aside from having a great dinner.  They have a special prixfixe dinner menu for 65 dollars per person this Summer. The menu came with 3 amazing dishes plus a dessert; adding an additonal 35 dollars, you could get pairing wines to go with each of your meal.  If you are foodie like me or aventurers, this menu was ways worth the price.

I didn't mean to turn my sweet blog to be a foodie review blog.  So I am going to ONLY focus on reviewing the desserts here; however, I will post some pictures from our main dishes just to share with everyone how amazing the dishes looked and tasted.

it was part of our prixfixe menu.  They used watermelon to create two different textured desserts - watermelon soup and watermelon bar.  To be honest with you, I don't quite like foamy type dishes because it reminds me of shampoo. I liked the watermelon bar though.  It's very refreshing with a hint of mint flavor.  

My friend ordered this and I had a bite of it; and let me tell you this one was amazing!  the warm pastry mixed with the tart flavors of the lemon and blue berry were irresiable. 

Another well made dessert. Textrue was jello-y like a pana cotta.  It's GREAT enough to make Elvis to jump out from his grave.  LOL

Resturant Information:
1025 E. Ball Road
Anaheim, CA 92805
(714) 817-4200
Located on the
Ground Floor of the
Extron Building.

Resturant Hours:  Open Nightly 5:30PM - 10:00PM
Saloon Hours:  Wednesday - Saturday 5:30PM - 2:00AM/Sunday 5:30PM - 10:00PM (also check thier live entertainment schedule on their website)
Reservation:  Don't take reservation more than 6 people. 
Service Charge:  If your party has more than 8 people, 20% service charge is menataory.
Good for:  Romantic date night/speical occassiions/foodie friends, who enjoy good food and wine.  This is not a place to bring your kids though.
Price: Pricy, but worth it.
Tips and Fun Facts:
-The excutive chef and the excutive pastry chef of this restaurant are brother.  I think their family must be very lucky to have them to make Thanksgiving meal. 
- The owner of the Ranch owns his own farm, the Edwards Ranch Estates in the foothills of the city of Orange and the Santa Ana mountains. The Ranch supplies organically grown produce to the Restaurant & Saloon.
- If you are hard core Country music friends, you need to check out their saloon.  But don't forget your cowboy hat and boot though.  Otherwise, you will feel out of place.
-Pairing your dessert with this wine - 2008 Dr. Loosen Estate, Eiswein.  Trust me, you won't regret.  It's very good dessert wine.

Deep fried egg from the Chef

Appentizer from the prixfixe menu -

The famous Cowboy 36oz Ribeye.  Very juicy, tender and all the fat of the meat made everything tasted even better=)


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