Friday, July 15, 2011

“Animals are my friends-and I don't eat my friends.”

“Animals are my friends-and I don't eat my friends.”

Q:  Carrie Underwood, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman, Alec Baldwin, Leonardo Dicprio, what do these Hollywood celebrities have in common? 

A:  A beautiful face, a talented mind, or a million dollar body?!  Yes, but NO.  In fact, these celebrities share one concept together, which is they don’t eat meat because they are either a vegan or a vegetarian. 

A lot of people get mixed up with these two terms.  Here are a brief definitions of vegetarian and vegan.

Vegetarian:  Vegetarian is a blanket term used to describe a person who does not consume meat, poultry, fish, or seafood.
This grouping includes vegans and the various sub- categories of vegetarian; however, it generally implies someone who has less dietary restrictions than a vegan.

Vegan:  Vegan is the strictest sub-category of vegetarians. Vegans do not consume any animal products or by-products. Some go as far as not even consuming honey and yeast. Others do not wear any clothing made from animal products. 

In the past 10 years, being a vegetarian or a vegan seems to have become a trend here in CaliforniaVegetarianism can be adopted for different reasons: In addition to ethical reasons, some reasons for vegetarianism include health, religious, political, environmental, cultural, aesthetic or economic

Mrs. G (me) is only a weekend vegetarian.  I only go vegetarian whenever I feel my body needs to be detoxified.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE VEGGIES, but I dare to say goodbye to meat, seafood, and all the fatty goody grease…

One time I was in a vegan restaurant, I was hesitated to try a vegan cupcake at first.  But my meal came with a free dessert, so I figured why not!  I picked up this rose water cupcake and I was in heaven after just one bite.  I could not even tell that was not made with eggs and butter.  It tasted beyond NORMAL, it actually tasted AMAZING (light, moisted, fluffy, right amount of sweetness)!  I was amazed from my first vegan cupcake experience.  Since than, I crave to have a vegan cupcake once in a while.

There are handfuls of vegan cupcakes stores throughout California.  Next time, if you have chance, don’t be hesitated to try one yourself.  Be one “sweet” vegan….at least for once!

*A side note, C for Cupcake Cupcakery do offer vegetarian and vegan options, feel free to contact for information. 


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