Friday, July 15, 2011

“Odd Couples”

Donut + Coffee = Perfect Couple
PB (Peanut Butter) + J (Jelly) = Perfect Couple
Straw berry + Chocolate = Perfect Couple

In our baking world, not all the ingridents are made for each other; however, there are some chemistry has been created between two very odd ingridents.  There are few famous odd couples I am going to present on this post. 

Two very odd ingredients come together create some incredible and unforgettable favors.  Here are some strange combinations ideas for your cupcakes:

Sea Salt + Caramel

(Picture from:

Bacon + Chocolate

(Picture from:  www.

Bacon + Maple Syrup

Guinness + Bailey’s Irish Cream Frosting

(Picture from:

Grapefruit + Chai Icing

Fried Chicken Topping + Waffle Favor Cupcake

So do you have any odd combinations you would love to share with us? 


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