Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Seattle cheesecake takes NY cheesecake!?!"

Last November, Mr. G and I went to Seattle for our annual vacation.  As soon as we were landed, I could smell the fresh air, I could see the greens, I could feel that I entered into a twilight zone...

Seattle is a very unqiue city and I have a love/hate relationship with "her" (I seriously think that Seattle is a girl because she is very "moody" all the time!)  I hate the weather (due to the location of Seattle, it's either cloudy or rainny 293 days among 365 days in a year), but I do love the people, the food culture and the well developed transportation system (yes, we didn't drive during our 7 day visit at all!  We took buses, cab, monorail and walk everywhere.).

After dropping off our belongings in the hotel room, we walked to the famous Pike Place Market  for some lunch.   A lot of people might think that Pike Place Market is just for tourists and if you are cool or local enough, you won't go there!  I TOTALLY disagree with it.  We talked to local and some friends, who have been living in the city for a long time or a regular visitor of Seattle, they adore this market O so much!  The fresh produce, the fish throwing, the street musician, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the FOOD! 

We tried countless of awesome food here at the Pike Place Market; this time I am going to introduce you a very tiny cheesecake boutique, called The Confesstional!  Unlike the triangle shape of NY cheesecakes, The Confesstional's cheesecakes are a petite cup-size.  They have about 15-20 different flavors daily, and their flavors change with the season.  I have tried the rasberry flavor and the caramel flavor, they both are "unreal" - Good flavor, tasty crust, smooth texture...(I can go on and on...) and compare to the NY chesecakes, I think they are lighter and fluffier!

If you have chance to check out Seattle, stop by the Pike Place Market and The Confesstional, you won't be disappointed about what you see and taste!  One great news I found out from The Confesstional's website that you could order their cheesecakes online and they ship them within US.  How awesome that is!


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