Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cupcake Soap Recipe

Couple weeks ago, I made some unbaked realistic fake cupcakes with plaster of Paris.  Few nights ago, I made some cupcake soaps.  It's actually harder than I had expected.  I am not a regular soap maker; therefore, I only bought very limited materials to make my cupcake soaps.  If you are interested to make some at home, here are the materials you need:

  • A package/box of ready to microwave soap (I bought a 16 oz one from Michael's.  Original price was 9.99, but I got a 40% coupon from them.  It saved me few bucks.)
  • Soap colors (I bought a package of red, yellow and blue).  You will need two different colors, one is for the "cake" and one is for the "frosting".  (from any craft store)
  • Fragrance oil (I bought vanilla one because I want my soap to look and smell like a real cupcake.) (from any craft store)
  • Silicon cupcake cups (from any craft store, Target, Walmart or baking supply store)
These are all the materials you need for making a cupcake soap.
First step, melting about 6 oz soap in the microwave for about 2 mins.
The soap will turn to be liquid, now add the fragrance and put color in and mix them well.
After mixing, pour the soap mix into a cup.  Let it cool down for about 25 mins in room temperature.
Or you could put it in the fridge to speed up the process (about 10-15 mins).
After 20-25 mins, you could pull the soap out from the mold.
Now it's time to make the "frosting".  Same process of first step, just add different color. 
It's the most complicated part - you need to put 4-5 pumps of gel soap and maybe half tablespoon of water.  Then whisk it with your hand mixer or stand mixer for about 3 mins.  
Using your mixer to whisk for 3 mins. 
After 3 mins, you start seeing a peak on your whisk attachment.  It means that it's ready to frost.
You could either use a Ziplock bag to frost
or using a frosting bag with tip to make your "cupcake" fancier.

I have some flowers and beads handy, I added some for decoration.

Done!  They make good decoration on my cake stand.
Also, they make great Christmas gift and party favors.


  1. Making the frosting is the hardest part.  When you whisk it, the temperature of the soap goes down very quickly.  You need to be fast to frost your cupcake once you see the peak on your whisk attachment.
  2. One good thing about making the soap is if you messed up the frosting on your cake, you could just peel the frosting off from the cake, and re-do it again.
  3. If the frosting dried up before you finish frosting, put it in the microwave to reheat it and whisk it again.
  4. This is my first time, I am sure next time I will make it a little faster and better and less messy.  It's very hard to do the frosting.  I really need to get the technique and skill down.


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