Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forever Fresh *Fake* Cupcake "Recipe"

I remember when I first saw fake food was at a Japanese restaurant when I was a little kid.  Most Japanese restaurants like to use plastic made food for showing their customers the menu.  I always want to own those fake food at home, just by looking at them made me hungry and happy.

Few years ago, I stopped by an antique store on a random weekend.  And I saw a realistic looking fake cupcake there, I was thinking how they made it.  Making a realistic fake cupcake popped up in my mind again recently.  I went online and see what I need to buy to make my very own first fake cupcake.  There are couple methods to make this sweet fake treat - 1) using expansion foam to make them (I will probably try this method later.) 2)  using plaster of Paris to make it (I found this "recipe" from the Cakespy website.

I chose the second method because it requires less materials, less time consuming and it's cheaper than the first method.  Also, the second method made a heavier "cupcake", so I could use it as a paper weight at work or in future, I could make some for holding my business cards.  You could also make them in a mini size (just use a mini size cupcake cups and a mini cupcake pan).  They will be a great party favors for your guests.

You will need:

  • 1 can of plaster of Paris (you could find it from any hardware store or craft store).  I got a small can from Michael's.  The original price was $5.99, but since I have a 40% coupon, I paid less than the price on the tag.
  • Cupcake cups (silicone or paper work just fine), I used paper ones.
  • Tap water 
  • Acrylic paint - be sure they are the water based one (from craft store) - you might need two different colors, one is for the "cake" (bottom) and one is for the "frosting" (top)
  • Beads/cupcake toppers (optional)
  • Ziploc bag (optional)
  • Disposable spoons and bowls (optional) - you don't NEED them if you don't have them at home!  But they definitely make your life easier and less messy for cleaning up afterwards.

A small can of plaster of Paris and acrylic paints from Micahel's

Paper/silicone cupcake cup and a cupcake tin

Mix one cup of plaster of Paris with one cup of tap water and tint them with the paint.
I use cream color for my "cake" because I wanted to make a white cake with strawberry frosting cupcake.  You could choose whatever color you like.  But keep in mind that, choosing a darker color for both frosting and cake would be better.  After mixing together, the color are less noticeable.

You mix them and mix them well...then pour the "batter" into the cupcake cup
all the way to the top.  
I kind of smoothed the top a little bits.  
But you don't have to since the "frosting" will cover the top.

Let the "cake" air-dry for about 30 mins

Take them out from the pan and they are ready to be frosted.  
You don't need to wait for them dry out totally.  
As long as the top part is dry, you could frost them.

Mix the plaster of Paris with water, but this time you want to make the "frosting" 
a little thicker by using a little more plaster of Paris 
because you don't want the "frosting" dripping down from the top.
Also, I used a small Ziploc bag to frost my cupcakes (optional).  You could also use a spoon to put the frosting on top.
Dry for another hour.  If you want to put the "toppings" or "the "toppers", 
you should do it before they start hardening.  

These cupcakes will stay fresh forever!

I am sure I will make more when I got time in future.  That will be a great way to spread the cupcake love to strangers, who love cupcakes like us.  If you happened to see one at a gas station or at McDonald's in future, that's the love from us, C for Cupcake Cupcakery!


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