Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to make your cupcakes look like a super model (without fondant)?

Mrs. G has heard a lot of people expressed how much they dislike about gum paste and fondant decoration on their cupcakes.  Most of them agree that they make the cupcakes look like a "super model", but those decoration kill the flavor of a cupcake.  So if you don't like gum paste and fondant, what could you/C for Cupcake Cupcakery do to make your cupcakes look as amazing as their taste? 

There are quite a few alternatives -

Seasonal fresh fruits - such as strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. 

Home made candied orange
Dried fruits and nuts

Cashew Nut Brittle Cupcakes (Picture from Blog - Our Eyes Eat First)

Candies and other treats - or if you like a treat on the top of your cupcake, we could use candies, cookies, coconuts, etc.

Easter chocolate candies with toasted coconut

Belgium waffle
Powder sugar, powder chocolate or shredded chocolate 

Using powder sugar for decoration on cupcakes
(Picture from the Cupcake Blog)
Mixing fresh fruit and powder sugar for decoration
(Picture from 123RF)

Mrs. G home made vegan chocolate cupcake topped
with shredded chocolate

Fresh flower petals - some flower petals are edible, some not!

Mixing fresh fruit and fresh edible flowers for decoration
(Desert from Extraordinary Dessert; picture from Flickrfan Stan)

Cupcake topper - you could get the toppers from any craft store or baking supply store.  Or you could even make your own toppers. 

Picture from Epicute
There are so many ways to make your cupcakes look great without sacrificing the taste of them.  I hope that this post could help you to decide what you could do with your cupcakes the next time without those fancy gum paste and fondant decoration.  Mrs. G personally thinks that these non-gum paste or fondant toppings are classy and tasty!


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