Sunday, August 28, 2011

South Park Cupcakes

I am back from my wonderful vacation!  I have been "kind of" consistently working during my vacation though, such as receiving emails, answering questions about ordering, promoting our business, and doing research here and there about ideas for some potential clients...but well, I still had fun of doing it while I was enjoying my vacation.

Before going on our vacation, I took 2 order requests.  One of them is a South Park themed cupcakes; the client specify asked for certain characters from the cartoon (the 4 main characters [Stan, Kyle, Kenny (my favorite character) and Cartman], plus Butter and the Chef).  I made 2 different expressions for each character.  They came out so cute and I had fun of doing them.  The client was telling me that they LOVE them and didn't even want to eat them!  But o well, they killed Kenny!  LOL

If you have any idea in your mind, please send me an email at  We could help to come up with ideas to fit your theme.


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