Monday, August 29, 2011

Speedy Gonzales and Mexican Themed Cupcakes

I made a dozne of Speedy Gonzales and Mexican themed cupcakes in the past weekend.  This cupcake order was personal to me, Mr. G and Mr. G's family because it's an order request from Mr. G's cousin for their grandpa G (grandpa G used to be called Speedy Gonzales by his coworkers and friends). 

I have heard so many wonderful things about grandpa G - a very hard-working man, a loving husband, dad and grandpa, an extremely socialable person, a funny guy.  Also, a man could make friends everywhere he went; a man could talk to anyone from the President of the United States to the least important person in the world; a man could tell a lively story...

Unfortunately, I have never got a chance to meet the healthy grandpa G since I have came to the family.  However, everytime we went to visit him, I could see from his eyes and smile that he was so happy to see his family and his grandchildren.  It looks like he remembered the good old times he had with everyone - Drinking with his family, telling stories to his grandchildren, party-ing with everyone, dancing with grandmom G, traveling with the family - I could tell he still remembers the countless unforgetable happy moments in his life!

Cupcakes costed certain amount of money, but seeing this face eating the cupcake is priceless!

The love of a family is life's greatest blessing


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