Monday, September 19, 2011

Orangina, My Favorite Soda

I don't usually drink sodas.  I used to love it when I was a kid.  All of a sudden, ever since I graduated from high school, I lose interest of drinking them.  However, there is one soda, I cannot image I could give up in my life. 

Her name is Orangina

We first encountered each other when I was in France when my family and I were visiting my aunt and her family.  After the first taste of her, I could not forget about her.  I lose touch with her after I got back to my home town, Macau.  Frankly, thing started changing after I moved to the States for college, my sister came home one day and told me that she found her at Trader Joe.  I was in heaven!  We reconnected again!  I seriously missed her during all those years.  I am glad that we reconnected. 

Enjoying my Orangina at South Beach, Miami.

In my opinion, the differences between Orangina and regular sodas are -

Orangina is about half as carbonated as most sodas, sweet but not overly done, with a nice citrusy flavor and slightly bitter aftertaste, like the natural oil from orange peel and probably from the grapefruit juice too.  Imagine you drop a piece of lemon in your water.  Your mouth always has that bitter sweet aftertaste from the water with lemon.

Plus, look at the bottle of her, how could you not fall in love with her curve (I am talking about the small bottle of her)?  LOL!  If you have never tried this soda, you need to go to Trader Joes to grab some for yourself, open it, taste it and you will know what I mean.  They have two different sizes at Trader Joe's:  4 small bottles package (see the poster for the size) for $2.99usd, and the 1 liter bottle you saw from my above picture for $1.89usd.


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