Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY Cupcake Toy for Your Kid

I found this creative DIY matching cupcake toy from Naptime Crafters website.  It is a smart way to teach your little one about colors through playing the game.  Remember when we were little kid, our parents were a lot more creative than us.  They made things for us to play or encouraging us to make our own toys. 

Also, a lot of kids grow up in a world, which filled with technology.  I don't know it's 100% a good thing for the parents or for the kids (I guess this is a too serious topic to discuss on this blog=p).  If I had kid in future, I just wanted them to have a simple childhood with less technology toys involved.

OK, back to the topic - if you are interested in how to make this cute matching cupcake toy for your little one, go and check out the Naptime Crafters website. 

Picture from Naptime Crafters

Picture from Naptime Crafters
If you are new on crafting and sewing, and want to have a easier instruction of making your toy cupcakes, here another website, you might be interested.  The website calls "Hoogli Art", they have step by step tutorial and easier way to make your cupcakes.  Below is their final production.
Picture from Hoogli Art


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