Sunday, October 9, 2011

Super Mario Brothers Cupcakes for a surprise birthday party

The "BIG" secret/surprise was finally out!  I was so honor to create this happy memory for the birthday girl, Mary.  Mr. G's cousin, Josh wanted to surprise his girlfriend, Mary with 144 Super Mario Brothers themed cupcakes on her 25th birthday this month.  Since August, we had started planning on the design and throwing ideas together.  He had already had specific idea in his mind; he wanted the cupcakes to be like a real game (everything needs to flow appropriately).  He went online and saw a lot of different pictures of the Mario Bros cupcakes, but nothing came close to what's in his mind.  So we exchanged emails back and forward for couple weeks about his ideas and what is possible/what's not practical.  I used 2 days to draw everything out and started making all the toppers since the beginning of September.

I am so happy that the birthday girl liked it!  And everyone at the birthday party enjoyed the cupcakes.  I need to say a BIG thank you to my helpers here:

Mr. G - Thanks for giving me a hand on a Friday night midnight.  You truly did a great job of making couple of the main characters.  YOU ARE SO HIRED!!!

Ashley - Thanks for helping me for making the fondant toppers and sorry for making your hands turn bright red the next day (thanks to the red food gel color).  I hope that I was not too demanding or too bitchy about your works=p  You are hired too.

My mother-in-law, Karen - Thanks for helping me to do the baking and frosting the cupcakes.  You rock!  And once you are retired from your real job, please let me know.  I am going to save a spot for you at my shop (if I had one in future and if you didn't mind working after retiring).

My cousin, Josh - Thanks for giving me another great opportunity to make such a fun big project.  I had so much fun of making the cupcakes, and I was so glad to see Mary's surprising face and teary eyes.


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