Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks!

It's 6:45 in the morning, my body woke me up as every other normal work day.  I was a little mad at myself for not sleeping in for a little bits more on this paid day off at first, but I quickly realized I could use this little spare time to take a minute to write down what I am going to thanks for for the past 11 months in my life.

I have an amazing husband - I got to admit that after we got married, I am happier than ever (I even told my mom about it).  Of course, both of us are not perfect, and we are still learning from each other.  But from being single to a married couple, so far, this transition has been great!  We NEVER argue with each other at all, not even one time!  One time, after a busy work day, Mr. G came home and told me that "after a shitty work day, I got home and see you and it made me feel so much better."  That's the sweetest compliment I heard in my life.  I just want to thanks God for introducing this great guy in my life.  My life has been changed since the first time I met him.  I love you, Mr. G!

I am thankful to have a "somehow" good health - Yes, I don't have a 100% good health. I have been fighting with some chronic disease for a bits.  Except for feeling tired easily, my body is pretty much the same.  I could still eat my favorite food, still go working out, still being at work, still go traveling, still doing thing I like to do (such as baking and crafting), still enjoying my life...

I have a wonderful family - This year - it's not an easy year for both my parents.  My dad had experienced a minor stroke.  After staying at the hospital for a month and a regular check up, he is back to normal.  When my mom first told me about this through the phone, I was so worry and even worse is - I could not help at all in another side of the world.  I am so proud of my mom that she is a very strong woman, who held everything nicely and took care of herself and my dad well.  Thanks God for giving my mom a strong will and healthy body for taking care of my dad though out this year.  I wish that after this minor stroke, my dad learnt his lesson of not eating too much and starting a healthier life.

And thanks God for bringing a new addition to our family - my little nephew, McRay.  Both my sister and him are doing good and his is one healthy baby!

I have to thanks God for giving me a wonderful parents-in-law.  My parents are not here in the States.  My parents-in-law has become my parents in the States since the day Mr. G and I got married.  In my friend's wedding earlier this month, she made a toast to her mother-in-law and shared with everyone that how great her in-law is and they are thank you for everything she has done for them (from making them some home made meals to take home to calling my friend when her husband was out of town to make sure everything was OK.).  I could not hold myself together, but cried!  It reminded me of the relationship I have with my in-laws.  I could not ask for a better in-laws in my life!  They are so supportive, fun and caring persons to be around with.

I still have a job - These few years are not the best years to Americans.  Laying off is not something new anymore to a lot of us.  Thanks God for providing me a great opportunity to work at an amazing company with a lot of wonderful people.  On the top of it, I got promoted and a raise this year.  This was something I didn't expect.

I am enjoying my SECOND JOB - I am so glad to have a full-time job to pay my bills.  And I am ever happier to have a second job to keep my mind contented.  I love baking, decoration, and arts.  My second job allows me to express my idea and show my creativity side to everyone.  I hope my business could keep growing and I could serve more people, who appreciate my works.

What are you giving thanks for?  Take a minute to think about it.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving and don't overcook the BIG BIRD!


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