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Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches

It's been ways too long to post this entry.  Today, I am going to introduce this little fun restaurant/spot for everyone.  I discovered this little spot totally by a wrong turn.  I was crusing in Old Towne Orange and made a wrong turn, and then saw this little fun retro spot with a lot of people waiting outside (who knew that a "wrong" turn could make it so "right"?!).  As soon as I got home, I googled and tried to find what this line about, here is what I discovered: Belgium waffle + sandwich = interesting! 

Last Christmas Eve was our first visit to their original location in Old Towne Orange.  The owner was there too; he was super friendly and helpful with the menu to the newbies.  After that visit, we barely went there. Why?  Don't get me wrong that their food was super awesome and service was great.  Just that long line outside scared us away.  And waffle sandwich should be eaten at the restaurant, because they won't taste the same after you take them home.  About a month ago, my mother-in-law told me that they opened a new location in Downtown Brea.  Since she heard so much good thing about this restaurant from me; she could not wait to try.  So one lazy evening, we all went to their new location in Brea (not one but twice in a row).  The new location is much bigger and nicer than the original one in Orange.  However, the line was still long, but the wait was fast though. 

Long line, but suprisingly moving fast.
 Here are some interesting things I found online on their website and also some tips I want to give out to all the foodies, who plan on visiting this restaurant:


How do you pronounce “Bruxië”?

What does Bruxië mean/How did you come up with the name Bruxië?
In French, Brussels is spelled “Bruxelles”; so Brux comes from the French spelling. Belgie is a Flemish term for Belgium and also used as a slang term for a waffle. We combined the “Brux” with the “ie” from a Belgie and incorporated the umlaut (two dots over the ë from German, which is also common language in Belgium) and the dot for the I (English artistic license) and we came up with Bruxië. The color of the three dots represent the colors of the flag of Belgium).

Pastrimi waffle sandwich

Turkey waffle sandwich
How did they come up with the concept?
Bruxië is the result of the collaborative effort of the three founders; chefs, Dean Simon, Kelly Mullarney and Philippe Caupain who have been friends for over 25 years. The Story – In 1999 Dean and Philippe were visiting Belgium on business. Dean was fascinated with the local farmers markets and street vendors and in particular the homemade waffles. Philippe was born in Belgium and grew up in this fabulous culinary culture. Upon their return to California, Philippe began developing recipes and Brux Waffles born. Over the next several years Brux sold product to some of America’s finest hotels and cruise ships. In 2009 Chef Kelly Mullarney was hired as a consultant to Brux Waffles in hopes of expanding sales to multi-unit foodservice operations. During the collaboration between Dean and Kelly the idea of making this waffle an all day offering was created. While traveling in Asia Kelly experienced dessert style sweets that were offered by street vendors similar to what was observed in Belgium. Because of the unique characteristics of the Brux Waffle, Dean and Kelly began pairing up a wide variety of sweet and savory combinations. The waffle was made thinner and then folded to make it portable…Bruxië AKA “The Bold Fold” was born!

What’s the difference between a Brussels and Liege?
The Brussels waffle is the platform in which all of our sandwiches are made. It is light, crispy and made with yeast. It is not sweet at all. The Liege waffle is more dense and sweet like a breakfast pastry. It has chunks of pearl sugar that gets caramelized into a sugary crust on the waffle.

Do you know Dairy Treet is misspelled?
It’s not misspelled! Before Bruxië came along the building was a restaurant called Dairy Treet. It was established in 1949 and was the oldest hamburger stand in Orange. They offered burgers, fries, and soft serve ice cream. The portion of our menu is a tribute to Dairy Treet.

Tips from me:

Good for big group of people:  No!  Both locations are not really good for big group of people.  So if you want to invite your family and friends to join you to try out this place, keep your group small.  The one in Brea is a little bits better since they have bigger tables.  The one in Orange is a very tiny spot, you will have a hard time if you come with a big group of people (and their parking lot is super small).

Should I come in a raining day?  The last time I went to the one in Brea, it rained quite badly.  However, we got a table indoor, so it's not a big problem.  And they do have cover and heater.

Is it good for to-go?  As I mentioned earlier, it's a BIG NO NO!  Eat there even you need to stand and eat. 

Pumpkin shake
How's their seasonal shake?  I tried their peppermint shake last year, and my mother-in-law tried their pumpkin shake.  They both are delicious; however, since they are so rich and creamy, better to share with someone you love=p.
Grape soda made with 100% sugar cane
How's their soda?  They don't sell typical soda here.  All of their soda are made with 100% sugar cane and they are absolutely delicious.

What's your favorite?  I love their goat cheese spanish and mushroom waffle sandwich with sun dried tomato.  I also love their liege waffles are also great.
For locations and full menu, click here.


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