Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 2012!

After a nice long vacation, I am back to work.  It's the first work day in 2012, and I hope everything will be great this year.

I got an order before Christmas.  Unfortunately, I was out of town, so I could not make cupcakes on the date my client wanted.  I came up with a awesome Plan B though.  I suggested that I make cupcake toppers on my Etsy shop, so if my client was ok with the idea, I could make the toppers for her before taking off for my vacation.  She loved the idea and I was happy to serve her even though I was not in town on the date she wanted the cupcakes. 

She told me her sister's birthday and she loves the Beatles.  She randomly found me on Google, and immediately sent me an email.  This was my second time of making the Beatles' cupcake toppers.  I made it the last time just for fun (because I am the big fan of the Beatles too), and this time is for someone else.  Both sets I made are quite similar because I got the same idea from the Beatles' cartoon.  However, this one was a little more details than the first one I made.  I also made an additional George Harission since he is the birthday girl's favorite one.


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