Friday, January 6, 2012

You are so "charm"ing~

We went to the outlet mall in Las Vegas last week during our vacation.  I saw couple very cute cupcake charms for the Juicy Couture bracelet at the Juicy Couture outlet store.  I was so tempted to buy one of them (the cupcake in the oven one), but I fingured if I bought the charm, I also needed to buy the bracelet and other charms too.  And it all added up pretty pricy.  So end up, I didn't buy it, but I would like to share the pictures I found online with everyone here.


小t said...

不過我記得juicy couture d charm都唔算太貴架~~加上係outlet買...應該會平d啦~~係咪~~~買啦~~好襯你喎~
我為左你開左個google acc~
from 李+b

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