Monday, January 30, 2012

Party "Surprise"...oops I mean Supplies=)

C for Cupcake Cupcakery Etsy Shop is a great place for me to expend my business and share my crafts with everyone.  Since it's opened, I am so happy that I could help few customers to take the stress away from their shoulders and make them and their guests happy.  The motto of C for Cupcake Cupcakery is taking the bitterness away from our customers.  Our Etsy Shop takes a further step - we would like to add sweetness to your party.  We want to make your party extraordinary and extremely awesome by making matching party supplies - gift tags, banners, cupcake picks, you name it. 

I started making more party supplies this month (more to come, so stay tuned).  Last weekend, I made some cupcake shaped cookies/whoopie pies holders.  I am sure they could turn your party favor to the next level of cuteness.

Taking engagement pictures is one of the exciting moments during the whole wedding "project".  How could you make your pictures stand out from others and be the talk of the town?!  So I came up with this idea -   Yesterday, I made a set of cookie and milk sign for engagement pictures.  It's just make your engagement pictures extraordinary cute and different from your friends'.

Except for this milk and cookie power "couple", I also made some table "numbers" placement cards for wedding banquets.  Let me explain my idea, so instead of telling your guests they will be seating at Table Numbers 1, 2, are going to tell your guests, their next designations will be Seattle, San Francisco, Miami...that just makes your banquet more fun.

PS. I also do custom orders too, so contact me for information and idea. 


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