Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Louis Vuitton Inspired Cupcake Toppers

This post is ways overdue...thanks for understanding my busy schedule and allow me to update my post a little bits later than I originally planned.  One of my favorite customers had ordered some Louis Vuitton (LV) cupcakes from me.  I was beyond excited; first of all, Louis Vuitton is girl's best friend (Diamond too).  Secondly, I have never done a challenging project like this in the past.  These are the perfect reasons for me to practice my skills and use my creativity to step on the road of perfection of an ultimate cupcake decorator and baker!

At first, my customer wanted all bags in 3-D.  So I did spend quite a good amount of time of molding each purses (4 different styles [see pictures below] were her original idea). Few days later, my customer told me that she found some very cute LV key chains and they will look great on the cupcakes.  I took a look at the website she sent me...O MY!  They are even cuter than the purses.  The combinations of the colors of each key chains made them really POPPED!!!  After my customer and I talked, we decided making six 3D bags and six 2D toppers.

After about a week and a half of crafting, I could finally deliver to my customer and put a big smile on her face.  It's a great idea to give your girlfriend, your wife or your date these cute LV cupcakes.  Admit that LV bags or even their key chains ($ 450.00 per key chain) are quite pricy, these are more affordable=)

The 3D LV purse cupcake toppers
(everything is made with edible materials)
A super mini Speedy LV purse 
A super mini Alma purse
3 2D LV inspired cupcake toppers
Key chain (picture) on top and cupcake topper on bottom 
I love the color combination.
My customer's favorite topper
Cupcake - Chocolate with orange zest
Frosting - Nutella fluffy frosting


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