Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cake pops for my love

Mr. G is not a big fans of sweet (so as many other guys), but he would ask me to make him something sweet specifically now and then (from cream puff to cupcakes to you got it, cake pops this time).  Recently, he is addicted to the cake pops from Starbucks (see the pink one above).    He knew that I made these cute little treats before, so he put in his request and asked me to make the birthday cake pops similar to the one from Starbucks for him.

Last night, I made him some beautiful cakepops (white cake with buttercream frosting inside).  When I was making these little cute things, I recalled how messy it was the last time I made them.  This time, I got it, I got it RIGHT!  They look and taste much better than the last time.  Practice makes perfect=D

They turned out just as delicious as the ones we got from Starbucks (to enhance their sweetness, try to pair up with a cup of hot coffee, a glass of fresh milk or a cup of hot tea)=) 

Just a side note, I think Starbucks really step up their game with adding some trendy petite fun items on their pastry menu - cake pops, mini whoopie pies and OF COURSE mini cupcakes.  I tried few of them, and they were surprisingly good; however, they were a little overpriced in my opinion (If I remember correctly, a cake pop is around $2.50USD).


JazzyO said...

So cute! I want one next time :)

C for Cupcake Cupcakery said...

I should have saved one for you when I saw the last one in the jar. I will remember to save one for you the next time.

Suzanne Steven said...

These sweets can be perfect on rainy days, with a cup of coffee or tea and a good book to read. These are so tempting! Would someone like to treat me? Hahaha! I sure can use a sugar rush today.

C for Cupcake Cupcakery said...


Order some from us...heehee...they are so good and so cute for your eyes.

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