Friday, March 2, 2012

That's the way they do it in 90210

You were rushing for a deadline at midnight.  You kept filling  up yourself with coffee and tea to try to be awake; one thing kept popping up in your mind was that sugar, a moist cupcake with fluffy frosting will do the trick.  And you know there is no way you could cure your sinful craving that late.  The story will be changed if you were in Beverly Hill (90210) -

Sprinkles in Beverly Hill is getting ready to install a new cupcake ATM, which will dispense fresh cupcakes 24 hours a day. The ATM is continuously restocked with freshly baked cupcakes.  And ever better, it even offers doggie cupcakes for cupcake-loving/craving pets.

When I first heard about this news on the radio, I thought that's pretty crazy!  But well that might work, because I used to think the idea of 24-hour fitness was pretty silly...but guess what, I did go to the gym around midnight in the past. 

It just reminded me of a song from Weezer:  Beverly Hill...

That's where I want to be! (gimme, gimme)
Living in Beverly Hills...
Beverly Hills... Rolling like a celebrity! (gimme, gimme)
Living in Beverly Hills...


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