Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cupcakes Take The Cake

5 Reasons Why I love cupcakes?

1) They are so cute and adorable, and they remind me of my sweet childhood=)
2) They are cheaper than buying a whole big cake.
3) They are small gifts of indulgence, so I feel less guilty after eating it, compared to having a slice of cake.
4) They are a convenient dessert to eat because they come in single serve proportions. No serving  utensils required.
5) They come in many flavors; however, you do not have to commit to one.

These 5 prime reasons inspired me to start my cupcake couture and catering business to spread my love of cupcakes to others. There are thousand people out there also love cupcakes; however, there is one group of people have been loving cupcakes so much that they even created a website to dedicate to CUPCAKES!

Cupcakes Take The Cake  was started in December of 2004. Three cupcakes lovers,  Rachel Kramer Bussel (the author and editor), Nichelle Stephens (the blogger and social media manager), and Stacie Joy (the photographer and editor) were inspired by the opening of New York City bakery Sugar Sweet Sunshine and the release of Clare Crespo’s book Hey There, Cupcake!,as well as the success of their friends who run the pizza blog Slice. All these inspired them to create a cupcake official website for cupcakes!

Who would have thought about a cupcake website could attract so many attentions, including MSNBC and Food Network.  This website is a bible for all cupcake lovers and someone loves sweet.  They include almost everything you need to know or want to know about cupcakes.  From cupcake reviews to cupcake recipes to interview of different bakeries around the whole world.  This is one of the most additive websites for browsing around.  And no doubt that this is the most developed and organized website about everything you need to know about cupcakes.

I am so honor to be featured on Cupcakes Take The Cake twice!  Our Lady Gaga's cupcakes were featured on this website back to September 2011.  And the triathlon inspired cupcakes (specially made for the Cupcake Activist) were featured on their website again this month.  And I am very happy that they love our creativity and works. 


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