Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I burn calories so I can eat them.

I love blogging all the sweet things I made, saw, tasted, and read.  I also like following bloggers, who share the same interest; I am going to dedicate two posts to introduce two blogs that I have religiously been following for a while.

(Pictures from the blog of the Cupcake Activist and Orange County Register)
The first blog I have been following for a while, is a blog called the Cupcake Activist.  Why Cupcake Activist?  Elise Wallace, a girl with a HUGE sweet tooth, a hard-core runner and triathlete and a busy new mommy, writes about her love of cupcakes on her blog, the Cupcake Activist.  You might think cupcakes and running don't go together, right?  Yes, it is in theory; however, it is not in the Cupcake Activist's book.  According to Elise, "She burns calories so she can eat them." (this belief makes her two loves, two very different things living harmony.)  When I first came across this blog, I immediately fell in love with it.  The blog is full of reference and information for those who love cupcakes.  Elise goes to different cupcakes places and writes reviews about what she felt about the places she visited.  It's a good source to plan my trip, so I know which cupcakes places are worth to stop by, and which are not.  She also shares recipe she used or interesting recipes she found online.  Beside sharing her passion of cupcakes, she also talks about her passion of running and competing, and her struggle against sweet especially before each race.  I am NOT a hard core runner or triathlete; however, I am a hard core work out addict, who work out 5-6 days a week.  As a work out addict, I TOTALLY understand and could related to how she feels.

Get started -
how I fell in love with the blog of the Cupcake Activist

run, swim, bike and be happy!

I tried to get as details as possible on the watch

Who doesn't love a pair of hot pink running shoes? 
Mine are hot pink with black=)

Go get the gold!!!
Earlier last month, I contacted Elise, the Cupcake Activist and offered a dozen of free decorated cupcakes for her to try.  We met few weeks ago in a heavy rainy day at the Starbucks in the charming Old Towne Orange (we both reside in the lovely City of Orange).  I was so nervous to meet her at the coffee shop (it reminded me of a blind date, except for I know how she looks like; but she didn't.).  We got to chat a little bits and get to know each other; I love this girl even more than before!  She was a very sweet girl and I could totally tell she is very passionate towards cupcakes (meeting a total stranger, who also loves cupcakes in a heavy rainny day) and running (hey, she just finished running a 5k before meeting me up and started racing again after just 3 month of birth giving.)

To the one and only Cupcake Activist...

Totally ready

Sweat and get some aqua

I specially crafted her some running and triathlon themed cupcake toppers.  The cake is apple cinnamon cupcakes with caramel butter cream.  I am glad she and her friends loved the cupcakes I made for her with my heart (Check out here to see what she felt about the decoration and the cupcakes.).  That was a very plesant blind date=)

Good job, well done!


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