Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dear CakeSpy...

Once again, I cannot say thank you enough to lovely Head Spy, Jessie Moore Oleson for having me on her page (check out our "Batter Chatter [aka an interview]" here).  To say thank you, I crafted some cupcake toppers specially for her to brighten up her day and of course her home made creations (that's the way bakers say THANK YOU!).  And once again, thank you for giving us such a great opportunity - to introduce our works to those, who love sweet and appreciate cupcake art, and let Mrs. G shared her passion of cupcakes and art with everyone. We are ready to take on more challenges, and are ready to create more lovely creations to make everyone smile=)

At last, thank you once again for liking the specially crafted cakespy inspired cupcake toppers and posted them as your daily feel-good picture.

 I hand painted each toppers with edible food colors to achieve
the water color feeling of the original artworks from Jessie O. 

I was thinking that's something the CakeSpy will say.

hand drawn and painted cupcake toppers

Am I tanned?

I am so hot.

I love colors.


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