Thursday, April 19, 2012

Star Wars Cupcakes

The very first Star Wars cupcakes toppers I made last year.

This is my second time of crafting Star War cupcake fondant toppers.  I crafted one for a customer last year.  And just did one more this week.  I am not fans of Star Wars (sorry Star Wars fans), so I did some research before crafting the fondant cupcake toppers each time.  The last time I crafted it, I made them more 2-D.  This time I made some different characters and I also crafted the characters a little bits thicker to make them look more 3-D.  I love both sets that I crafted; they are equally adorable; what do you think?

Second time of making Star War fondant cupcake toppers

So cute that I didn't want to give them out to the customer=p


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