Friday, April 20, 2012

Lickable Cookie Wallpaper!?

Have you watched the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's movie?  The chocolate factory was the most magical place on earth to kids.  Everything was edible -flowers, plants, chocolate river, and lickable wallpaper...

...inspired by Willy Wonka, McVitie's, a baked goods company in the United Kingdom (UK), decided to make the edible magic real by turning an entire elevator - lickable. Yes, lickable. There are 1,325 lickable Jaffa Cakes cookies (a sponge cake with orange jelly and chocolate) lining the wall which you can lick up and down as you go up and down.

The most important questions popped up in my mind are who gets to lick it and what about sharing germs?  According to internet sources, This is a concept wallpaper, and it's not open for public.  So only certain selected people got to lick the wall.  "Cake stickers" will be removed from the wallpaper immediately after being licked (but I wonder how could they keep tracked?!). 

Gross or sweet!?  You decide.  But what next about a real chocolate river?!


JazzyO said...

IDK, that's crazy!! I'd have to see it because they better be clean. LOL

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