Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sweet "Supplies"!

I made these cute sweet treats bookmarks
for all my lovely cousins last Christmas

I love baking; I also love crafting and art too.  Last year, I made these very cute sweet treats bookmarks for all my lovely cousins as Christmas's gift.  I know it's nothing expensive, but I crafted each of them from my heart with my two hands. Besides my cupcake business, I also made matching party supplies and paper crafts for engagement and wedding pictures.  Here are few projects I did last few months:

 This sign is great for engagement and wedding pictures

 Helped my friend to cut the letters to a birthday's banner for her son.

This powerful couple will make your engagement pictures and wedding pictures extra cute and sweet.

A one-year-old baby doesn't know how to tell you she is one yet! 
But a sign could=p This sign is great for baby's invitation or thank you card.

If you need any party supplies, please let me know.  I sell them on my Etsy Shop.


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