Thursday, June 7, 2012

LOVE is a Four Letter Word

I am so excited that we finally got our tickets to see Jason Mraz's concert at the Hollywood Bowl this October.  Jason Mraz is one of my favorite musicians and have been longing to see his live performance for ages.  I am now listening to his songs every morning when I drive to work and every night when I go to bed, just to get familiar with all his songs, so I could enjoy even more at his concert. 
From boring... what not to LOVE
Yesterday, in order to show my love and support to Jason and his music, I crafted 4 fondant toppers inspired by Jason's new album, "Love is a Four Letter Word" to decorate some dull looking Oreo cookies.  This is a wonderful (and easy) way to show your beloved one how much you love, care and appreciate them or it will even make a great surprise proposal idea.  If you want to turn your Oreo cookies to be a cookies with mission or a special cookie with messenge for the one you love, but you have no time or no idea how to make it.  Contact us or check our C for Cupcake Cupckaery Etsy shop, we could HELP!

They are not ordinary cookies. 
They are cookies with mission to show people LOVE.
It's very hard to pick only 10 favorite songs from Jason Mraz because a lot of them are really welly made.  Here is my TOP 10 list:

1.  Butterfly (my all time favorite, so sexy and mystery)
2.  Man Gave Names to all the Animals (it's a cute revision from the Bob Dylan's version)
3.  I'm Yours (what not to love?!)
4.  Lucky (Mr. G and I sing this song at karaoke all the time)
5.  Remedy (First song I knew from Jason Mraz)
6.  Curbside Prophet (Very refreshing new music)
7.  You and I Both (Sad love song)
8.  Did You Get My Message (Love the melody and lyrcis)
9.  Make It Mine (Meaning song)
10.  Please Don't Tell Her (another sad song from him)

What are your favorite songs from Jason Mraz?  Share with us=)


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