Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mr. G and I went to a tattoo, car and music event, Ink and Iron at the historical and beautiful Queen Mary in Long Beach during the weekend.  We go to this event every year and every year we had so much fun of checking out different tattoo booths, antique rides, beautiful pimp up girls, wonderful concerts and just enjoying our time on the historical Queen Mary and the ocean view.  I highly recommend this event to everyone if you have not been to one in the past.  It's good to check it out at least once in your life time=)

Beside all the fun stuffs I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of different booths selling vintage dresses, swimwears, hair accessories, shoes, and cute accessories.  I spotted a cupcake mini wallet at one of the booths, and of course wanted to take it home.  My husband spoiled me by paying it for me when he saw how much I love the wallet =)  The wallet is so cute and it's the perfect size to put in my mini purse.

The mini wallet is made by an American company, called Fluff.  If you are interested in buying one, you might be able to find it from Tilly's.  I just checked out their website, they also have another cupcake mini wallet (an old school tattoo style).  Besides these two styles, they also have one with a pimp up girl holding a cupcake compact makeup mirror and a coin purse.  Check out the pictures below.

PS.  Talking about the old school tattoo.  I would like to share my works I did last year for a tattoo artist in Orange, CA.  Click here to see more pictures.


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