Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My friend made some donuts and cinnamon rolls for her little nieces' birthday couple months ago.  When she told me she is going to make cinnamon rolls, I told her to add bacon in your cinnamon rolls.  She and everyone else thought I was nut at first, but she still "bought" my idea.  And suprisingly, they turned out great and unique and everyone loved them.  Her recipes of making the cinnamon-bacon rolls and donuts are super easy -

Cinnamon-Bacon Rolls -

1 roll of ready to bake cinnamon rolls
1 round cake pan
1 pack of bacons

  1. Open the ready to bake cinnamon rolls and put one slice of bacon and roll the rolls.
  2. Place the rolls in a round cake pan (I suggest using round cake pan because it is the perfect way to keep the round shape of the cinnamon rolls).
  3. Bake as directed and then done!
Donuts -

1 pack of store bought biscuits
Vegetable oil for frying
A big and a small round cookie cutters
  1. Open the store bought biscuits and use your round cookies cutters to cut them in a donut shape.
  2. Heat the vegetable oil, once it's heated.  Put your donut dought in the oil until golden brown on both sides.
  3. Decorate your donut with powder sugar or with an easy donut glaze (click here).

And find these cuper cute donuts on the website.  They are from a bakery in Japan.  How cute!


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