Thursday, July 5, 2012

World's Largest Ice Cream Cone

Have you ever secretly to take home those GIANT ice cream cone decoration in front of some old fashion ice cream shops home?  (I did, just like the girl in the picture above).  But wait, they are just a big piece of plastic "pretended" as a big yummy ice cream cone.  I don't need more junks in my garage for no reason.

How about if the ice cream cone is a real one?  Will you take home with you in this hot summer?   British chef Heston Blumenthal made my fantasy come true. He and his team served up the world's largest ice cream cone last weekend as hungry throngs looked on. The giant vanilla scoop (weighed 2,204 pounds); and it took a month to freeze -- was placed on top of a massive cone via forklift. At 13 feet tall, the colossal creamy treat, created using donated ice cream and filmed for TV, set a new world record, besting a 9-foot cone that had set a record in Italy last year. The ice cream was distributed to the masses, but sadly they had to eat it plain because the sauces and sprinkles that had been catapulted onto it didn't stick. IMPRESSIVE!  However, some food lovers complained that wasting food and labors for promoting a TV show is such a stupid idea.


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