Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.

Story of little Brendan -

On June 12th, 2012 Amy and Tony Belello took their 14 month old son into the emergency room due to an accidental fall from a changing table earlier in the morning. A CT scan revealed a “peach sized mass” in the back of his brain/skull and he was rushed into emergency surgery at CHOC hospital in Orange, CA to have it removed and tested. The test came back positive for a type of cancer referred to as Medulloblas toma, a Desmoplasti c style tumor. Neurosurgeons where confident that they had removed most of the tumor and additional fragments. Doctors informed Tony and Amy that he had two weeks to live if the tumor was not removed. Several MRIs, a lumbar puncture and ultrasounds followed and showed a good result with no cancer developing elsewhere in his body.

Brendan has been at CHOC since July 1st and will remain there until December 2012 receiving chemotherapy. The chemotherapy is additional treatment to destroy any remaining cancer cells that may be in his body, which could quickly develop into the original fast-growing brain tumor.

Tony and Amy Belello also have a 3-year old daughter named Collette. The family is forced to be separated during the next 6 months while Brendan undergoes treatment. They also must continue to work full-time jobs in order to maintain medical insurance. Brendan will have one of his parents at his side 24/7 during this process. Your support will help this young family get through this difficult time.

I have never worked with Tony (Brendan's dad) since he had transferred to our San Diego's office when I first started.  However, I did have chance to meet him and his family during our Company's Christmas party last year.  I still remember how cute his two little ones were at the party. It absolutely broke my heart when I hear about what little Brendan has been going through. 

I am always trying to sneak a way to give back to the people in need.  I contacted Tony few weeks ago about a cupcake-sale-a-thon's idea to raise money to help the family.  And Tony was so excited about my idea and very thankful to see someone loves to help his family.  I know that it's not a big event, but I guess every help and every penny count.  And I am glad to hear that Brendan is doing so good at the hospital.  He is such a strong little hero. 

This won't be my last cupcake-sale-a-thon.  I am sure I will organize more cupcake-sale-a-thon in future to help whoever in need. 


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