Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Call Me Mrs. Blue Ribbon

It seems like the blog has been abandoned for a while.  Sorry to all my followers for not updating my blog more often lately.  I I have been really sick these couple weeks; and I finally feel a little bits better today and would like to share some good news with everyone.  If you have been following my blog or our facebook page, you might recall I submitted my first ever OC Fair fondant decorative cupcakes for a contest last month.  And guess what, I W-O-N!  I got the first place and my first blue ribbon.  I wanted to share the good news with everyone earlier; however, I would love to wait until I get my blue ribbon first. 

Here some pictures I took at the fair and would like to share with all of you, and I don't mind to be called Mrs. Blue Ribbon=).  When I picked up the blue ribbon, they also gave me the comments and the score from the judges.  12/12 full marks with all the positive comments!  I was in cloud 9 and I felt so happy that someone appreciate my artworks. 

P.S. The OC Fair will be ended this weekend, so if you want to check out my "awaard winning" decorative cupcakes along with other amazing exhitbits, you still have few more days left.

My award winning cupcakes

I got the comment notes from the judges when I went to pick up my blue ribbon. 
I got 12/12 full marks on my cration!  Very proud of myself.


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