Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Realistic Fake Cupcake Business Card Stand

If you are our royal fans, you probably remember that I made some realistic looking fake cupcakes few weeks ago.  Last weekend, I wanted to master my fake cupcakes making technique by making more of them.  So I bought few different colors of paints (they were on sale, yay!) and making some more fake cupcakes.  I made 2 of them look like the cupcake on my business card.  And these 2 are actually business card stand for my lovely business card.  Another two, I just simply "frost" them to make them like the one your mom baked at home.

Check out my new creations, yo...

The back was designed to look like the cupcake on my business card.
The front one was intended to make it look like a real cupcake your mom baked at home.

I love it!


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